Hog (Pork)

We can process your hog. Typical turnaround time for a hog is approximately 2-3 weeks. Options for pig processing include:

Pork Cuts

Custom Pricing

Custom Processing Cost | .95 cents lb.
Inedible disposal fee | $45
Cure/smoked ham | $30 per
Cure/smoked bacon | $15per
Smoked Neck Bones | $10
Smoked Ham Hocks | $10
Smoked Pork Chops | $20per
Hog Jowls | $4.50 per pound Cured/smoked/sliced

Purchase from us

Whole hog | $3.50 per pound based on dressed weight

1/2 Hog | $3.50 per pound based on dressed weight

Price may increase due to rising feed costs.


2-3 weeks for completion

Pick Up

Please be prepared and ready when called or have a prearranged plan for pick up. Pick up within 2 days of us notifying you.

After 2 days we charge $50 per day to hold meat, so please be prepared with a plan for pickup.


Deliver livestock on your date given between 7am and 10am

Allergen Statement

All of our cured products utilize nitrites as part of the curing agents, ingredients as follows: Cure Ingredients – Brown sugar, salt and sodium nitrite.

While most people don’t experience any harmful affects from nitrites some have allergic reactions. Please keep this in mind when choosing method of preparation for your ham, bacon and other cured products.

Hog (Pork) Order Form

Originator's Name or If Purchasing From Us (TMP)
Notice All leftover meat and any cuts not selected below will be processed as ground pork or sausage.
Include additional information. If order is being split by to parties, please note the second parties name and contact information in this field.
Note: Orders can only be split between two parties.
We will contact you within 2 business days to schedule a drop-off time.
We run a very tight schedule. Please call no later than 48 hours before your scheduled time to reschedule if you are unable to keep your scheduled drop-off time.
All livestock should be dropped off between 7am and 10am on your scheduled drop-off date.
we will call you when your order is ready. If an order is not picked up within 2 days of notification, a $50 per day storage charge will be added to your total.