Our Story

It all started when Liberty Supermarket in Roebuck, Alabama closed overnight. Terry Butts (the patriarch of the business and original owner) found himself without a job. With a wife and kids at home to support, Terry felt the pressure of needing to find another source of income. In 1979, Terry decided to harness his meat cutting skills into building his own meat processing plant. After starting the business, Terry spent his weeks tirelessly working to grow the business during the week, while spending his Sundays as a preacher.

During the early years, Terry felt the importance of teaching his sons the trade, while instilling into them the importance of good work ethics and the value of honesty. His motto was, “If you make a mistake, fix it.” After going off to college and realizing that it wasn’t what he really wanted, the youngest son, Allan, decided to come back to Alabama and work with his father at the plant. A few years thereafter, Terry decided to retire and Allan took over the business.

Today, Terry’s Meat Processing has grown its business significantly from where it was several years ago. Our core values include continuing the same great quality and workmanship that Terry believed in when he started the business. We have been offering quality custom meat processing for over 40 years. We truly believe that our loyal customers continue to depend on Terry’s Meat Processing to process their meat because they know that we are going to “do it right”, just like Terry would.

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Terry Butts

The patriarch of the business
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Allan Butts

Current Owner
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